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Rocky Mountain Turf is the region’s leading synthetic turf company. Our products and services include the installation of synthetic turf surfaces for municipal and school playgrounds, sports fields, dog parks and private residences. We provide innovative, safe, and fun solutions that reduce both water use and maintenance.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Save Water, Time, & Money

Certified Lead-Free, Safe for Pets & Children

No Brown Spots, Mud Patches or Holes

A Low Maintenance Lawn

No Weeding, Mowing or Fixing Sprinklers

15-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Green for Years to Come

Qualifies for Local Water Rebates

Realistic Grass with Professional Install


The prestigious Brigham Young University is one of Provo’s most famous institutions but the City is also known for other beautiful historical buildings, views of the mountains, adventure sports and camping opportunities, crystal clean spring water, and a vibrant entrepreneurial scene.

Despite its long history, Provo is a young and thriving town and one of the most attractive places to live in the entire country according to residents.

Provo has largely escaped the drought conditions that have afflicted areas to the north, south, and southeast but the water-saving benefits of artificial turf work alongside its low maintenance requirements make it an attractive landscaping option for home and business owners in Provo. Synthetic turf requires no watering or worrying about restrictions

Many families and professionals are too busy doing other things to tend the lawn at weekends. With artificial turf, you get the look without the work, staying green all year round with a minimum of fuss and expense.

Provo sports fields have also made the switch and, while the LaVell Edwards Stadium may have retained real grass for BYU football games, BYU baseball games at Miller Park are played on artificial turf.

With the right professional help during the turf selection and installation process, homeowners in Provo get to enjoy an immaculate and pristine space for many years to come.


Artificial grass installations often exceed their 15-year warranties, making the initial installation cost a worthwhile investment over time. 

Typically, the expenses of artificial turf are recovered within five years, thanks to the elimination of maintenance and watering costs that come with natural grass lawns in Provo. There is no need for constant watering, mowing, fertilizing, seeding, weeding, or aerating.

Advancements in technology have helped artificial turf products not only to replicate the appearance and texture of real grass but also increase their durability. Turf also remains green all year round, regardless of weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow, or ice. This enhances the appeal of transitioning from natural grass to synthetic turf.

Moreover, the best synthetic grass is highly versatile and can be used for backyard putting greens, playgrounds, and pets as well as landscaped backyard lawns.

Enhance Your Yard's Beauty with Artificial Turf

Good artificial lawn starts with the right foundation. 

  • Existing soil is excavated to provide a grub-free surface area.
  • We then bring in three to four inches of compacted hard-pack providing a solid, smooth base.
  • For our playground systems, we add a layer of recycled padding to reduce the chance of injury from falls.  Our playground systems meet ASTM and ADA standards.
  • We then install Rocky Mountain Turf’s unique line of artificial turf engineered to withstand the region’s warm, dry climates. Our products are manufactured with heavier and stronger face weights and product composition to reduce surface temperatures by up to 30 degrees.
  • The final step is to apply silica infill on top of the grass surface to provide ballast and additional comfort.  We also offer infill options made specifically for pets and further temperature reduction.

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