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NR34 Testing

Artificial Grass for Baseball and Softball

Rocky Mountain Turf, in partnership with Act Global, has worked tirelessly to develop an artificial grass system that is designed specifically for the game of baseball and softball. True purists of the game have always been late adopters to synthetic turf due to the irregularities in play like too fast ball pace and unpredictable ball bounces. That is why we’ve teamed up with Nolan Ryan and the RS3 group to engineer the NR34 system.

The Nolan Ryan NR34 System

We’ve teamed up with Nolan Ryan led RS3 to forward the future of baseball turf technology and playability. Founded on strong mutual goals and objectives for the baseball community, this partnership begins the next generation of baseball surfaces offering optimal playing conditions. It gives athletes an excellent place to practice, play, and perfect their skills.

Baseball’s Synthetic Turf Solution

NR34 is the premium artificial turf baseball system that plays like natural and lasts like synthetic. It is the end result of our scientific, data-driven approach through meticulous research and testing. Each component was carefully studied to find the ideal ratios for optimal performance and playability.

NR34 eliminates irregularities that can occur on other synthetic turf systems such as slower ball pace, higher infill splash, and unnatural ball bounce. This system delivers the authentic baseball playing experience every time so you can focus on the game and winning your next championship!

NR34 Testing

We implemented unique baseball specific testing when designing the NR34 system. By testing for ball interactions like ball bounce, ball pace, and infill splash, we can provide athletes a surface that plays like natural grass with the benefits of synthetic turf. 

Natural Ball Bounce

The NR34 system is perfectly designed to match the bounce and rebound characteristics of a natural baseball/softball field.

NR34 Testing
(Coefficient of Friction – Ball angle)
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Truer Ball Pace

The speed of play is a major concern for players. Other synthetic turf baseball system’s pace is much too slow. NR34 gets it just right.

NR34 Testing
(Coefficient of Restitution – Natural speed reduction after impact)
lower infill splash

Reduced Infill Splash

NR34’s dense composition traps infill and locks it in place.

NR34 Testing
(Infill Dispersion)

Safety and Performance Benefits







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